A Memoir of Friendship, Betrayal and Enlightenment in Three Acts

By Comparison Only

In this book, Linette Reynolds tells her story. A story filled with abuse and betrayals, gut-wrenching fears and episodes of manic depression. Her life is a set of secrets that she has locked away in an attempt to smooth her soul and make meaning out of disappointment. This is a moving story of hope over challenge and belief and love over personal grief and sorrow. Linette reveals how other people's dishonesty and their lack of integrity cast her life's journey. She's adamant in her story that anger was not an option. she chose not to a invoke it, because she knew she needed all her energy just to survive.

I enjoyed, endured, and prayed, depending on circumstances. My mistakes and omissions resulted from my inertia or stupidity. The responsibility is mine alone.

It was a secret that I harboured until the final act in my life began to unfold. it was easier to convince myself that stoics are brave characters who plod on unaided.

What people say?

I hope there is a sequel. I have fallen in love with this story.


What people say?

A good little read. What an inspiration.


What people say?

Finished your wonderful book. A few words come to mind; compelling, faith, WOW!!!, survival, amusing, astonishing, patience, deceit, courage, commitment, forgiveness & I could possibly go on and on! Truly a massive achievement for you to have completed this task! Very inspirational Linette.

Samantha Paterson

What people say?

I like that a lot Lin and well done on your book. What a life and great achievement!

Rebecca Braham

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